*Coyote Miracle and Community Medicine

A remarkable thing happened as my brother and I made our last push across the country- a coyote rode in the front bumper of the car for almost 500 miles.
Although we hit it going close to 70 mph, it rode along unscathed, with no injuries. You can learn about the story here. I do not like that this project requires me to travel and be more reliant on my automobile. Besides, the energy consumption and the pollution of the vehicle, roads are a major contributor to habitat destruction. However, here is a miraculous incident where life perserveres despite the destructiveness of our remarkably mobile and consumption oriented society. I am taking it as a good omen for this project.

And now I am settled in my new setting, acting as artist in residence at Willow Springs through the end of November. This is a beautiful land and I am reconnecting with dear friends who are living out alternatives to the dominant economic system. I am doing a few hours of farming a week in exchange for room and board. Mostly, I will be cleaning and sorting seeds for the Sierra Seep Cooperative, a new project initiated by local farmers to promote local seed varieties. Working with the gifts of the earth is already a quite grounding and meaningful practice to accompany my work on this project.

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