kickin it off in atlanta

smith chapelThe Earth Covenant Ministries organized two well attended shows in the Atlanta area that culminated in a group discussion afterwards. The settings were wonderful,

the first night being in the Smith Chapel on the Agnes Scott campus (which had a giant window to the world behind the performance area) and then a theater space in Alpharetta Presbyterian Church (which had great sound and space for me toAlpharetta stage really move around). Then, at the end of the week, Leaps and Bounds was performed in the context of a Lutheran World Mission Event. The audience was experiencing the show at the end of a long day of listening to speakers and participating in workshops- I suspected that I’d have a few folks snoozing through the show. However, they stayed present and responsive and surprised me with a standing ovation at the end.

There were a few technical challenges right before the first show at Agnes Scott, which had me troubleshooting with the music system rather than warming up. I felt a bit unprepared and sent out a prayer of desperation “Oh God, take possession of this evening, set our hearts on fire. Not by my strength alone, but through your abounding grace and transcendent power.” The show was wonderfully powerful. Previously, I have noted that the shows accompanied by a bit of adversity are generally the more resonant ones. Now I’m recognizing that the shows accompanied by adversity are the ones where I’m prone to surrendering control and genuinely claiming my need for the Spirit’s accompaniment.

The hospitality and fellowship of this past week have been particularly special. Zap and I stayed at a co-housing community that has a farm and CSA. With the help of the local farmer, Zap and Kate (director of ECM) picked muscadine grapes that were just bursting with ripeness. In the midst of the show, we perform a ritual to remember the gifts of creation. It is always such a treat to harvest fresh herbs, flowers and local fruit. Check out how gorgeous they are! And I have to admit, this is my first time eating a muscadine on stage!

Now, onward to DC. I’ll keep you posted!

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