returning to dc

Returning, remember, renewing connection… what a wonderful week I had in DC.The show in Wesley went so well. The promotional effort of this group combined with the volunteer support and technical support, made for a well produced event. We followed the evening with conversation and dinner. I have begun to recognize how context impacts tone, and the direction of the conversation within an academic community is quite different then the conversation among a group of ┬áseasoned activists. As many seminarian friends have suggested, dialogue within the academy is more often shaped by intellectual virtue than personal conviction or spiritual awakening, providing real challenges to the role of the seminary. I feel so honored to be supporting conversation in a variety of settings and pray for my own maturation as I adjust my approach and register the opportunity of each setting.

I returned to Wesley later in the week and taught a dance class. Truth be told, some time has passed since I was teaching movement classes regularly. To my great relief, the journey that we shared within this class was quite special: touching upon the poetics of space, the transformative aspects of human contact and the gift of witnessing each another. I left the campus elated, having experienced some truly transcendent moments.

Then, on Friday night I performed at the Festival Center, reconnecting with, among others, my old Discipleship Year companions, the Church of the Saviour community, and my dear Maryknoll friends. The place was packed full, the energy was warm and responsive, and the immediate trust that I experienced with that audience supported a total abandon of self consciousness. The performance was wonderfully alive, with rich nuance and irrepressible spirit. The conversation afterward was excellent as there were so many participants who have training with nonviolent communication or group process work. The tenderness and thoughtfulness of this exchange is something that I will carry with me for some time.

Now I am focusing on grant writing, booking spring shows, and preparing for a super busy time in New England next week.

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