full throttle in new england

I knew this past week would be intense. It was one of the most densely packed weeks of the tour, with 5 shows in 3 states, a speaking engagement, a workshop, and a commissioned liturgical offering for a sponsoring church. Throw in a bit of unexpected car trouble and a compromised immune system, and you understand the tettering stability of this time. However, despite the unavoidable freneticfood hustle, it was not hard to enjoy the new relationships and the many acts of kindness that filled my days. The thoughtfulness of each sponsor has been deeply moving and comforting- the home grown sustenance, the comfy resting places, the ready help, the glimpses of community and the sharing of stories.

To be more specific, I’d love to hold up Jacquline, a student at Marlboro College, who gleaned natural treasure from the surrounding forest to be used in the show. The variety of elements- rock, berry, vine, coiling twig and everygreen sprig- showed the mindfulness and the care taken in this task. In Ashfield, Massachusetts, the chummy and vivacious duo of Kate Stevens and Charlie King kept smiles on our faces and good food in our bellies. Cambridge provided me the opportunity to visit with a family member, and be inspired by the programs and commitments of the young adults at University Lutheran. Then onto Princeton, I had the great priviledge of dialoguing with Seminarians, exploring movement with some young ladies, and developing friendships with some open hearts at Nassau Presbyterian Church.

The show has continued to resonate and support deep reflection. The post show conversations at Marlboropost show conversationCollege and at Ashfield Congregationalist Church were filled with personal articulation of hope and challenge. I have tried to steer the conversation away from analysis regarding the feasibility of change or from a critique of different methods for change, but rather into a place of speaking from the heart about the deep benefits of change and then the hard to swallow/ difficult conponents of change. My spirit has been gifted by the honesty and depth of these conversations, where we become witnesses to each other’s humanity and hold out our visions for where God is leading us.

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