New England

Ariam, my technical assistant  and tour buddy is an old friend from college.  Though we’ve had limited time to visit for the past 9 years, our connection is automatic, picking up the raw honesty, quirckiness and silliness of friends journeying together.

It was sweet to see the degree to which Ariam delighted in the Sister’s of Saint Joseph.  We were  offered accomdations in the Abbey with a recognizeable feminine charm. The  years of devotion and spiritual practice lead to strong developed personalities. We were entertained and doted over- every detail was attended to! Their well coordinated promotional effort drew a sizable crowd, enabling a great show in the beautiful Chapel of Saint Joseph.

We then journey up into the fall colors of Hanover, New Hampshire. A clergy couple, Michael and Susan Thomas, who had given decades of their life to peace and justice work, coordinated a series of events and offered us respite in their newly renovated barn.  I first shared an excerpt of the show at a community dinner offered by the Student Hunger Organization. On Sunday, Leaps and Bounds was presented in the context of worship, followed by lunch and conversation with the young adults of Church of the Savior Lutheran Church. And finally, Rollins Chapel at Dartmouth College featured a presentation followed by a post show reflection. This visit was marked by stunning natural beauty as well as sweet encounters- Bernie, the quiet and selfless environmentalist; Liese, the firecracker organist; Ruth, the poised and thoughtful ballerina; and Sophia, the old wise woman, who upon taking me into a surprisingly strong hug, whispered a heartfelt account of the wonders of creation and the mysteries of life.

No better place to be…

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