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Presenting Responsibilities

  1. Contact us at with your interest in hosting an event.
  2. Secure a venue and reserve it starting 3 hours before the performance time. If you are presenting theater in the context of worship, Jay and Tevyn might prefer to gain access to the worship space the afternoon or evening before.
    • Ideal performance space is a minimum of 18 ft wide by 12 ft deep and provides good line of sight for audience (has a slightly elevated stage).
    • Ideal venue has clearance (50ft long and 15ft high) for our bus to unload gear relatively nearby and to park relatively nearby.
    • If you’re not sure if a venue will suffice, check in with Tevyn.
  3. Determine the performance fee that your organization can commit to, choosing from the options listed at the bottom of this page.
  4. Fill out and sign a show contract.
  5. Communicate with Tevyn concerning the accommodations you are able to provide. 
    • A place to park our bus for the entirety of our stay in your area.
    • A meal for the performers on the performance day.
  6. Promote the HFA event in any (or all) of the following ways:
    • Print and distribute our posters and flyers. All promotional material can be found on our website. 
    • Send out our press release to your local newsletter or news media
    • Share invitations to attend this event with other local Christian communities
    • Send invitations and reminders through email list-serves
    • Put announcement in your church bulletin and in community calendars.
    • Use social media to get the word out (create facebook event, post, tweet, blog about the upcoming show)

For evening performances only…

  1. Secure 4 volunteers to help out the day of the show. Ask them to arrive an hour in advance of showtime.
  2. Clarify if the venue provides an on-site sound system or if you are needing for HFA to set up their own. If using your system, we require 4 channels on a sound board that would support XLR and quarter inch inputs. 
  3. Provide a sound technician for the event, to be available for sound check (3 hours in advance of the performance) as well as for the full duration of the performance. 
  4. Print up the playbill (Wade Through Deep Water program available here)  with enough copies for your projected audience.
  5. Provide a “dressing room” where performers can ready themselves for the performance.

For inclusion within worship…

  1. Identify a point person for Tevyn & Jay for all correspondences concerning the worship event.
  2. Plan a phone call with Tevyn & Jay to clarify the exact ways that you are interested in our leadership within the context of worship.
  3. Email a worship program or order of service, so that we can work with the liturgical flow that your congregation is accustomed to.

For workshop…

  1. Communicate with Tevyn about the specific workshop you intend to host, the specific needs of that workshop and the cost of presenting that workshop.
  2. Prepare the space for the workshop  (whether that be chairs, projector and screen, or a clear and empty space)
  3. Payment and money collection is your responsibility. If you are charging individual participants, and they can pay day off, please be available to collect their payments.

Performance Fees

When touring, HFA does not ask for reimbursement for travel costs or expenses. When we make a special trip, travel costs and expenses will be negotiated on a case by case basis.

We have developed a sliding scale that can cater to a variety of economic realities. If your organization is unable to meet us on this sliding scale, consider recruiting other local organizations to come on as co-sponsors for the event.

We ask for organizations to guarantee payment and pay us on the day of the performance event. This payment may include revenue generated the day of the event, through a free-will offering.

Our sliding scale payment options are as follows:

  • Ceremonial Theater event (evening length, including discussion) $600 – 1,200
  • Leaps & Bounds $500 – 1,500
  • Theater in the context of a worship service $400 – 750
  • Worship offerings (sermons, songs, etc) $100 – 400
  • Workshops $250 – 600 (depending on context and which one)

Questions about how to place yourself (or your organization) on the sliding scale? Hear are some thoughts. You know if you are small organization, are hard up and needing to meet us at the bottom of the sliding scale (no shame). If you are a church with more than 200 members, or a coalition of groups with more than 200 members, we ask that you meet us in the middle of our sliding scale. If you are a large church, college or seminary, we ask that you meet us at the top of our sliding scale. 

If you are hard pressed to meet us on the sliding scale, but want to bring us to your community, be in touch and make your case for how we can work something out.

Your generosity and support helps us do this work! Feel free to make a donation that can support future performances with other communities.

Contact Tevyn with any questions at 

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