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This page provides links to show posters, promotional blurbs, press releases and press photos for the HFA Ceremonial Theater Offerings. If you are looking for Leaps & Bounds promotion, please click here.

Show Posters

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Wade Through Deep Water

4 x 6 flyer (high res)

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8 1/2 x 11 editable poster (reduced size)

11 x 14 editable poster (high res)

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Blood on the Cedars

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Promotional Blurbs

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Wade Through Deep Water

Click here to find the Wade Through Deep Water press release.

Long description…

Holy Fool Arts and _______your organization______ present an evening of Ceremonial Theater at _____location____ on ______date_____ at ____time____. Wade Through Deep Water introduces two prophets, Miriam and John the Baptist, whose water-logged lives kept them swimming in transformation. Weaving poetry with beautiful storytelling, high energy song and dance numbers, live music, dramatic characters, and large silk props, we are invited into the grief of the divine feminine and journey toward reunion with that aspect of God. Miriam remembers scheming by the Nile in a conspiracy of women that saved baby Moses (Ex 2:1–10). Her body sings a song of deliverance, and the people follow her, yet we also lament her fate to endure solitary confinement in the dessert and later “die in a dry place” (Ex 15:20–21, Num 12, Num 20:1–2). Meanwhile, John the Baptist calls all to a “dirty baptism,” because all the water is dirty and threatened. With fierce love, he calls for repentance and transformation on behalf of the water.

Quick Plug

Come see Holy Fool Arts show, Wade Through Deep Water, a Ceremonial Theater event tracing the soggy footprints of a people through the wombs of the Red Sea and Jordan River to birth an Exodus thirsting for collective liberation. Come and hear the voice of water’s lament as told by Miriam, Moses’ sister, and John the Baptist – two of God’s prophets whose water-logged lives kept them swimming in transformation.

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