revised 9/14/10

It has been important to practice what we preach and develop flexible payment options that cater to a variety of economic realities. The sliding scale below enables Leaps and Bounds to be shared with a wide range of organizations and communities.

We encourage communities, who are interested in hosting the show but who are not able to provide financial support, to enlist contributions from local organizations or individuals or to recruit co-sponsors for the event. We can provide support in this endeavor and will do what we can to help you bring this performance to your community.

The payment options are as follows:

  • The sponsoring organization takes full responsibility for the cost of presenting Leaps and Bounds. This fee is on a sliding scale according to your organization size and means ($500 for small organizations, $850 for churches with over a 200 members, $1000- $1500 for large churches, colleges, and organizations with large membership).

The sponsoring organization may elect to take up a free will offering, or charge a sliding scale entrance fee. The proceeds could be designated for a local organization with a similar focus of the show, or go to covering the costs presenting the show. If the sponsor makes a profit (collects more than the presenting costs) that must be split with The Affording Hope Project.


  • The sponsoring organization shares responsibility with the audience for the cost of presenting Leaps and Bounds. The sponsoring organization pays an honorarium (according to their size and means) with the understanding that the audience will be asked to provide a free will offering or be charged admission. The expectation is that the honorarium plus the audience’s contribution must meet or exceed the sliding scale performance fees mentioned above.

Please keep in mind that Tevyn does not ask for reimbursement for expenses, only the honorarium.  Feel free to contact Lou East, at with any questions.

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