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This page provides links to show posters, promotional blurbs, press releases and press photos for Leaps & Bounds.

Leaps & Bounds show posters

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8 1/2 editable poster

11 x 14 editable poster

Promo Blurbs

Please make use of any of the blurbs below for email blasts, bulletin inserts, etc..

Join us for a performance of Leaps and Bounds, __particular date and time__, at __location__. Storytelling, movement, music, poetry and song weave together a powerful portrayal of the essence of our deepening ecological and economic crises. Yet,  hope has the last word. The audience will be inspired to imagine and initiate a more intentional relationship with the earth and our Creator.

Holy Fool Arts presents Leaps and Bounds at  __your location__ (__address__) on __date and time_. This one woman show, looking at the intersection of faith, ecology and the Global Economy, has extensively toured churches, colleges, and seminaries across North America. Weaving biblical and personal narrative, dance, music, and a touch of economic theory, Leaps and Bounds addresses the driving factors of our ecological crisis while awakening the imagination to a new way of living with and relating to Earth. Rev Dennis J. Parker, the Campus Minister at Portland State University, suggests “see this magical performance and find yourself laughing, humming and crying; and wanting to understand more about how our faith can inform our vision of the Judeo- Christian story that will move us to action.” To learn more about this compelling work of theater, visit

Holy Fool Arts and __your organization__ present Leaps and Bounds, a one woman show about the intersection of faith, ecology and the global economy, __date and time at location__. Accessing the transformative power of art, Leaps and Bounds is compelling Christians all over the country to articulate a faith response to our current ecological and economic crises. Von Clemans, Associate Pastor at Myers Park Presbyterian Church, says “Drawing from the best of modern biblical scholarship, This show embodies the values of a God-centered world where everyone has enough, everyone has a seat at the table, and we give back to the Earth God gave us.” With foot stomping songs, playful humor, daring dance sequences and vulnerable honesty, this show will draw the audience along a compelling journey, and ultimately articulate a hope that we can all share.

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