Workshop Offerings

Movement as Spiritual Practice, Meditation, and Experiential Prayer
Our body is our vessel, our means through which we relate to and explore the world around us. We give and receive through our bodies- gather information and express our passion, convey praise and elation or pain and grief. In this workshop, I will share a number of repeatable practices in relation to breath, soft stretching and joint mobility. Then, I will invite the participants along a movement exploration with the intention of unlocking the unique creative potential of each person. I will encourage participants to become alert to the nuances of experience, looking at how the Spirit’s urgings live more in the transitions then in the destinations.

Soul Searching and Resistance in an Era of Apathy and Complicity
In an economic system that focuses on growth and short-term profit gain, there are many externalized and often unrecognized costs, both ecological and social. We will take some time to learn about the hidden costs in the extraction, production, and consumption of materials. In an effort to seek a deeper understanding of our complicity in unjust and destructive systems, we will look at the industries that our lives are most dependent upon, and dialogue about what a life of right relationship might look like. The participants will receive material about some of the grassroots movements that are seeking sustainable alternatives and as well as some of the policy efforts that are focusing on these issues.

Prophetic Witness and Faithful Action: the opportunities and pitfalls in promoting well-being and ecological health.
Gary Gardner, a senior researcher at the Worldwatch Institute who focuses on sustainable economies, says, “religious and spiritual traditions are ready partners, and often leaders, in the effort to build sustainable cultures.” In this workshop, I will share some of my experience from this tour, relating to individuals and organizations: their inspired programs, their hopes and their weariness. We will ask questions about how to dismantle the institutional hurdles and suspicion that compromise the church’s ability to move into a new place. We will dialogue about how to address barriers, so as to enable the community of faith to be a beacon of light in these dark times.

Workshop costs:
$75 a short lecture or the facilitation of an hour long discussion
$150 A two hour long workshop from the list above
$100-$200 sliding scale for a liturgical offering during a worship service
$300 A three hour workshop that culminates in a performance by participants

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