Carl Magruder

Carl MagruderCarl Magruder, a.k.a. The EarthQuaker, grew up in a household where composting, recycling, gardening, camping, cycling, and household frugality gave a strong sense of the importance of Earthcare.  Fasting with farm workers brought home the connection between environmental and social justice issues.  One of Carl’s childhood heroes was from Dr. Seuss—“I am the Lorax!  I speak for the trees, which you seem to be chopping as fast as you please!”  Carl has traveled and taught, doing experiments in his own life with biodiesel, living car free, composting toilets, green construction, and keeping chickens.  Last year Carl worked for the National Council of Churches Eco-Justice Programs and realized that faith communities can play a pivotal role in the transition from what Joanna Macy has called the “Industrial Growth Society” to the “Life Sustaining Society.”  Carl preaches the Gospel of the Earth, and had a fifteen-year career as a thespian in his younger days.  Thrilled to have an opportunity to combine theatre, theology, and the Gospel of the Earth, Carl leapt at the chance to be part of the Affording Hope Project.  In his spare time, the EarthQuaker is pursuing a Ph.D. in environmental ethics at the Graduate Theological Union.

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