Ched Myers


chedChed, a fifth generation Californian, lives in a small intentional community in Oak View, CA, an hour and a half north of Los Angeles. Over the past three decades he has worked with many peace and justice organizations and movements, including the American Friends Service Committee, the Pacific Concerns Resource Center and the Pacific Life Community. Today with Bartimaeus Cooperative Ministries he focuses on building capacity for biblical literacy, church renewal and faith-based witness for justice.

Ched’s most recent book, co-authored with Elaine Enns, is entitled Ambassadors of Reconciliation: New Testament Reflections on Restorative Justice and Peacemaking (Vol I) and Divers Christian Practices of Restorative Justice and Peacemaking (Vol II), to be published by Orbis Books in 2009. His landmark Binding the Strong Man: A Political Reading of Mark’s Story of Jesus (1988) was reissued in a 20th anniversary edition in 2008 by Orbis. His other books include The Biblical VIsion of Sabbath Economics (Tell the Word Press, 2001); Who Will Roll Away the Stone: Discipleship Queries for First World Christians (Orbis, 1994); Say to This Mountain: Mark’s Story of Discipleship (Orbis, 1996, co-authored); and Resisting the Serpent: Palau’s Struggle for Self-Determination (Fortkamp, 1990, co-authored with Robert Aldridge). Ched has published more than 100 chapters, articles and essays in the U.S., England and Australia. He also works with other writers and publishers as an editor and manuscript evaluator.

Ched travels throughout North America and abroad giving seminars and retreats, teaching, preaching and facilitating gatherings across the ecumenical spectrum. He works with local churches, diocesan/denominational offices, and faith-based organizations. He is particularly committed to peace and justice efforts such as Christian Peacemaker Teams, Borderlinks, the Catholic Worker movement, Witness for Peace, and the Servant Leadership Schools.

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