Tevyn East

Choreographer, Performer
tevynAfter graduating from Hollins University with a degree in dance, Tevyn East filled 7 years with community building creative processes- learning, healing, striving, stretching, and cultivating her voice as an artist, a teacher and a performer. Through five years with the Zen Monkey Project in Charlottesville, VA, Tevyn performed in six evening length works of original dance theater. This includes her directorial debut in ’05 of The Palimpsest, in which the audience migrated through a world of movement, story, and image in and among sculpted installation pieces. With an ambitious bunch of seasoned performers, Tevyn helped produce the WunderKammer, -a community arts carnival, unruly circus, that put Charlottesville on the map. The circus experiment continued with Shentai, where Tevyn expanded her carnie skills and helped build a world of roving sideshows and interactive installations. Tevyn has also traveled to improvise and participate in performance processes around the country. She lived in rural northern California in ‘02 collaboratively created original works of dance theater in an old one-room school house with the Glass Bead Players, presented work at the Seattle Fringe Festival ’03, performed in Karl Frost’s “Ocean Studies” in Seattle, WA in ‘04; and acted as co-facilitator of the New Year’s Jam at Earthdance in Dec. ‘06. Tevyn served as faculty member at the Zen Monkey Project Summer Intensives ’04, ’05 and ‘06, taught classes regularly from ’03 to ’07, helped facilitate workshops, managed ZMP’s studio space for two years, organized ongoing events and served on the executive council of the McGuffey Arts Center ’07 to ’08. It is no wonder that the 7 year itch sent Tevyn into a new life experiment- to live simply in intentional community in Washington DC and learn about servant leadership and prophetic witness. Tevyn entered the Discipleship Year program through Church of the Savior and started working with the Maryknoll Office For Global Concerns. Both of these organizations are concerned with addressing the root causes of injustice, accompanying the vulnerable and marginalized, and speaking truth to power in the heart of the United States capitol. This learning environment allowed Tevyn’s interests (Sabbath Economics, Ecological Justice, Corporate Accountability) to take hold and create the fertile ground through which The Affording Hope Project was born. Tevyn seeks to integrate her artistic gifts with the journey work of faithful action, responding to the needs of the world and the signs of the times.

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