Hosting details

  • Secure a venue and reserve it starting 3 hours before the performance time. Ideal performance space is a minimum of 18 ft wide by 12 ft deep and is slightly elevated from audience. If you’re not sure if a space will suffice, check in with Tevyn.
  • Determine the performance fee that your organization can contribute, choosing from the options listed at the bottom of this page.
  • Determine whether or not you can provide accommodations for Tevyn and her technical assistant the night of the show.
  • Promote Leaps and Bounds in any or all of the following ways:
    • Print and post our flyers (may be downloaded here)
    • Send out our pre-written press release to your local newsletter or news media
    • Share invitations to attend this event with other local Christian communities
    • Send information through email list-servs
    • Put announcement in your church bulletin and in community calendars.
    • Hand out postcards
    • Use social media to get the word out (create facebook event, post, tweet, blog about the upcoming show)
  • Secure 4 volunteers to help out the day of the show. Ask them to arrive an hour in advance of showtime.
  • If the performance is using an on-site sound system, have someone familiar with that system ready to give an overview to Tevyn and her technical assistance 3 hours before the performance time. That person does not have to stay after they are oriented.
  • Print up the playbill (may be downloaded here) with enough copies for your projected audience.
  • Provide a separate space from the performance area where Tevyn can ready herself for the performance.

Performance fees

We have developed flexible payment options that cater to a variety of economic realities. If your organization is unable to meet us on this sliding scale, consider enlisting contributions from local organizations or individuals or recruiting co-sponsors for the event. When touring, Tevyn does not ask for reimbursement for travel costs or expenses. When she is making a special trip, travel costs will be negotiated on a case by case basis.   

The payment options are as follows:

  • Organizational Sponsorship – A sliding scale payment is made by the organization: $500 for small organizations, $850 for churches with over a 200 members, $1000- $1500 for large churches, colleges, and organizations with large membership. The sponsoring organization may elect to take up a freewill offering, or charge a “suggested donation” entrance fee. The proceeds could be designated for a local organization addressing environmental issues, or could cover production costs.  


  • Partial Organizational Sponsorship – The sponsoring organization pays a portion of the performance fee (at least 50% of the sliding scale) and the audience will be asked to provide a free will offering to cover the remainder of the fee. In this instance, Holy Fool Arts will keep the entirety of the collected offering.

Contact Tevyn with any questions at

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