Carnival de Resistance

The project on the Horizon is the The Carnival de Resistance- a traveling arts carnival and school for cultural transformation around the themes of ecological/economic justice and resistance- that travels light, becomes a village, and uses unconventional methods of transmitting ideas and facilitating both spontaneous and planned for experiences. When planted, the carnival/school will bridge two weekends (a total of 10 days), one building upon the other, both focusing on transformational theater, live music, ceremony, street art and other forms of community expression. The weekdays, in between, will focus on service, social engagement, education, skill sharing, craft and creative play. Members of the Traveling Band Society (TBS), a group of no more than 30, will live, work, travel, and facilitate the Carnival events together – collectively manifesting and incarnating the vision of this project. The Traveling Band Society will construct a temporary village to form the foundation for the events; modeling radical simplicity and using resourceful self-sufficient models for living that invite community collaboration and consciously look at energy consumption in regard to transportation, food, waste management, footprint on the land and strain on the larger community.  The Carnival events would partner with and promote the work of local churches and organizations, enhancing ecological networks, inspiring local innovation, cooperation, and prophetic Christian witnesses. The pilot run of the Carnival de Resistance will take place in the fall of 2013 and will travel to and reside in two locations.

The talented individuals who are already pooling resources, experience, and artistic gifts are capable of collectively manifesting a truly remarkable series of events. We are artists, activists, educators and community organizers who are experimenting with the forms through which truth is revealed and new visions are illuminated.

Please feel free to be in touch if you have any questions about this project!


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