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In addition to the reviews and comments below, check out what was written about Leaps and Bounds in The Dartmouth college newspaper, in the Eugene Daily News, in Appalachian Voices, or in blogs Eco-Journey (by the Environmental Ministries Office of the Presbyterian Church USA) and Learning and Leading (by Earlham School of Religion).

The dramatic presentation of The Affording Hope Project is not to be missed. Tevyn East is a remarkably versatile actress whose performance is supported by creative lighting and sound and a stage full of very interesting props. Tevyn engaged our audience with such a variety of one-person scenarios that we were entranced for the entire presentation. Her striking insights and prophetic challenges opened our eyes and hearts in so many areas—social injustice, economic inequality, and ecological devastation. The experience will jar your thinking and stir your imagination. I highly recommend this performance for any group or organization that cares about the state of our world today and that wishes to gain an alternative life-giving vision.

David Rhoads, Professor of New Testament, Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago, Director Biblical Performance Criticism, and Director of Web of Creation

As a rabbi I was eager to see Tevyn’s creation, and, not surprisingly, she was open-hearted and fully-welcoming to all.  All of the pieces cried out with compassion, and love, from the lyrics, to the song, to the choreography!!  I loved the varied and obviously unique box!!  I am sure there are many Jews and Jewish communities who would find Tevyn’s message, her concern for the earth, her heartfelt questioning of the immense inequalities, and her love, very engaging, and surprisingly Jewish!!  Jewish communities near and far, large and small, from across the spectrums of practice and tradition, welcome Tevyn into your community, talk to her on the phone as I did, and realize how common is our humanity, and how only in coming together and realizing this commonality will we overcome humanity’s not small 21st century challenges!!  And oh yeah, her optimism, and faith, are in abundance, and come from a place beyond religious walls.  Mazel tov Tevyn!! and thank you.

Rabbi Yitzhak Nates, The Narberth Havurah, Narberth, PA

Never in my wildest imagination did I think that spending an hour and fifteen minutes listening and interacting with a one woman show – would lead me to grasp such insight and excitement about how the Arts could build my deeper connection with the earth and the Creator.  Presented in a way that made me laugh, sing, ponder and reflect about the goodness of God and the profound opportunity we have been given to pull back from the edge of destruct ion and despair, I was filled with hope for the future of our good earth.  This project, conceived and executed with the cleverness and multifaceted talents of this faithful “preacher’s kid” is deeply powerful and should be seen on as many Campus’ across this country as possible.  The twenty or so of us gathered in a cramped performance space  were given a gift that I shall not soon forget – and an exposure to personal, community and spiritual treasures that will feed my soul for many years to come.  If you get the chance – see this magical performance and find yourself laughing, humming and crying; and wanting to understand more about how our faith can inform our vision of the Judeo-Christian story that will move us to action.


The Rev. Dennis j. Parker, Campus Minister at Portland State University, Portland OR

The gifts of God.  Creation, continuing.  Community, called and sojourning.  Jubilee and joy.  The myth of scarcity and the promise of abundance.  Threat and promise.  Corporate and individual responsibility.  Economy and ecology, story and theology.

The challenge to wrestle with and reflect on these themes and more is offered in engaging form by Tevyn East by Leaps and Bounds.
“And God saw that it was good.”


Tricia Dykers Koenig, Covenant Network National Organizer

I have just returned from attending the theatrical performance of Tevyn East in Leaps and Bounds. What an astonishingly powerful and profound piece of work!  This one-woman performance, rooted in biblically based Sabbath economics, far surpassed in content and theatrical excellence my wildest expectation.  There was a beautiful weaving together of the strains of Sabbath economics, from both the Old and New Testaments, within the contemporary economic situation so as to give fresh meaning to the scriptures and renewed hope to an alternative way of life. Although the stage setting was simple, it was so creative.  The singing, dancing and spoken word were a seamless tapestry that flowed together into an energizing and compelling story of new possibilities.   I would recommend without any hesitation that churches, colleges and universities, as well as any organization or group interested in the “abundant life” and future of the earth, avail themselves to this exciting and promising work of faith.

Nelson N. Johnson, Pastor of Faith Community Church and Executive Director of the Beloved Community Center of Greensboro, North Carolina.

When you bring together dance, theatre, the spoken word, and the biblical story you get more than the sum of their parts.  You get a challenging, prophetic monologue narrating over 6,000 years of history told from the balcony looking down on humanity’s interaction with the Earth and God’s people.  Tevyn East, a one-woman narrator in the grand story-telling tradition, takes you on a journey that opens the past to critical reflection, the present to prophetic challenge, and the future to new possibilities—a journey sorely needed in our consumption-oriented, profit-driven, and industrial/technological world.  Drawing from the best of modern biblical scholarship, Tevyn embodies the values of a God-centered world to challenge today’s followers of Jesus to live in a world where everyone has enough, everyone has a seat at the table, and we give back to the Earth God gave us.  You’ll take away a deeper appreciation of how our complicity inhibits health in self, community and world and how informed people can make a difference. The performance is about an hour and fifteen minutes in length and is suitable for middle-high school youth through older adults.  The stage is set simply and with versatility to fit any space.  The performance can stand alone, but you will want to plan for a discussion/reflection period following the performance to get the most from it. Three hours total would be ample.  A printed reflection process and resource overview are available to guide  your discussion.

Von Clemans, Associate Pastor for Adult Education, Myers Park Presbyterian Church, Charlotte, North Carolina

3 Comments on “L&B Reviews

  1. Tevyn East’s “Leaps an Bounds” is a magical piece of performance. Combining movement and the spoken word, she engages her audience on two fronts. First, she insists that we confront the unprecedented environmental crises that face us today and wrap our minds around the challenges they will necessarily pose to our lives in the immediate future. Second, and as importantly, she insists that Christianity is an essential frame for making sense of these challenges, and she implores people of faith to embrace these environmental crises as a core part of their mission. And she does all of this with great passion, humor, and integrity. “Leaps and Bounds” is an essential bridge between communities that too rarely speak to each other. It deserves a wide showing at churches, arts and community centers, college and universities, and other places where people who care convene.

    – Paul S. Sutter, University of Colorado at Boulder


  2. This performance far surpassed my expectations. Tevyn did a beautiful job of using dance, spoken word, original songs, light and simple props to weave together the themes of creation, faith, ecology and economy. God has blessed Tevyn, and the team that put this show together, with the ability to demonstrate how precious and fragile our creation and humanity really are and remind us not to take these gifts from God for granted. Thank you for this ministry.

    Sarah Hong
    Chapel Office Assistant
    Princeton Theological Seminary
    Princeton, New Jersey


  3. I had the opportunity to experience Leaps and Bounds in three different settings. Tevyn East kindly joined us for a dinner prepared weekly at our church by Dartmouth College Students Fighting Hunger. Tevyn shared an abbreviated version of her performance that held everyone captive. It left me filled with anticipation for our Sunday worship that was planned around Leaps and Bounds. Since I was involved with music and also wanted to take some photos from the choir loft, I couldn’t take notes on some of the stunning facts and challenging thoughts that were woven throughout her program. So I was very thankful that I could see a full performance at Dartmouth College that next night. Sitting in the dark of Rollins Chapel, I took notes as best I could. I’ve just re-read them and am struck anew by the importance of the principles and witness that Tevyn conveyed. My challenge is to live by these principles and share the news. I hope many other communities will invite Tevyn so that her wonderful performance can inspire others.


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