Reviews of Film

An uplifting work of beauty and insight with an inspiring message of hope and possibility.

—David Korten, board chair, YES! Magazine. Author The Great Turning: From Empire to Earth Community.

Tevyn, a visionary storyteller, does the impossible! Covering enormous scope Tevyn has synthezied and crafted experiential learning in a way that lectures just can’t do. Beautifully filmed, Tevyn sings, speaks, moves, and treks through the intertwining narratives of biblical wisdom, the consequences of a greed driven global economy, and the intimate desires of her heart and faith.

– Cynthia Winton-Henry, co-founder of Interplay and author of Dance- The Sacred Art: The Joy of Movement as Spiritual Practice

In Leaps and Bounds, performance artist Tevyn East trails barefoot toes across a forest clear-cut, dances a dirge in a Kohl’s parking lot, and cartwheels for joy at the astonishing recognition of her own creatureliness  as “earthling.” East incarnates the Judeo-Christian liberation story using her body, in time, and in startling spaces, to prophesy. And where there is prophecy there is both scale-stripping critique and a throbbing, rough-handed hope. This story is our story. This is what it looks like when “our daughters prophesy” (Joel 2:28).

Rose Marie Berger, associate editor of Sojourners magazine and author of Who Killed Donte Manning?

Tevyn kindles the biblical imagination of life abundant on this earth, in the soil, in the church, and in the city.  Through evocative imagery, she makes the Word made flesh passionately fresh.

– William P. Brown, Professor of Old Testament, Columbia Theological Seminary and author of The Seven Pillars of Creation, The Bible, Science, and The Ecology of Wonder


This film is a brilliant adaptation of a brilliant one-woman show that invites us to reflect on the deeply intertwined historic crisis of ecological and economic unsustainability, and its implications for our bodies, minds and spirits.  Tevyn East, one of the most compelling prophetic artists of her generation, shows and tells us about both the persistent ecstasy of Creation and the deepening trauma of its ruination.

Ched Myers, community organizer and author of Binding the Strong Man

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