Tool Sharing Events

Using creative tools to critique unjust systems and embody transformation, Leaps and Bounds functions as a launching pad, to ready individuals and communities for a new level of engagement. One way we are encouraging local sponsors to harness this potential, is by organizing a Tool Sharing Event for their local community. This page provides valuable material that could help you discern whether such an event is right for your community as well as tools to help get the ball rolling.

At a Tool Sharing Event, after experiencing Leaps and Bounds, participants are invited to reflect and claim personal hope and challenge. Then, through a series of presentations and facilitated group discussion, participants receive information about local alternatives and practical responses as well as valuable resources that may support further learning and action. Should you choose, you could complete the event with a community meal or reception that showcases a local food initiative.

You may use the files below as a aide in organizing a Tool Sharing Event

Two such events happened last fall, one in DC at the Friends Meetinghouse of Washington and one in Greensboro, NC at Holy Trinity Episcopal Church. They were both meaningful events and served to support our learning about how to balance critical engagement and creative embodiment, structured time and open time, learning and fellowship. Please contact Tevyn with any questions. If you would like to connect with one of the organizers of these events, she can arrange that.

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