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We need your help building a fall tour!

Almost every show we have booked comes through a personal contact. Please send news of this show to others who might be interested in hosting a performance. You can copy the text below, and paste it into an email. Feel free to add any personal word about your experience of the show. And don’t forget to cc affordinghopeproject@gmail.com, so that we can follow up and make sure that this opportunity is on their radar.

Thanks so much! Hopefully, together this show will spread to more audiences and be a catalyst for the soul searching and restorative action that our world so desperately needs.


Dear Friend in Faith,

Please take a moment to read about this exciting project. I encourage you to consider bringing it to your church and local community.

Leaps and Bounds, presented by the Affording Hope Project, is a one-woman show visiting faith communities around the country. Weaving back and forth between biblical narrative, personal testimony, economic theory, and creation spirituality, this work of theater sheds light on the driving factors of our environmental crisis while awakening the imagination to a new way of living with and relating to Earth. A remarkable group of talented people contributed to this production (including Ched Myers, new testament scholar and author) making it a richly sensory and thoughtful work. To look at some of the responses to this show, please visit the project website.

Leaps and Bounds has now been performed in 12 states, in 25 cities, in 27 venues: churches and college chapels, auditoriums, community halls, theaters and conference rooms. Because the show comes with it’s own lighting and sound equipment, they can transform almost any space into a theatrical setting. The show has also proven to be a wonderful worship experience and can be booked as your churches Sunday service. Hosting the show is relatively easy; it comes with its own technical support; there is promotional material available on the site with easy instructions to support getting the word out; and a variety of payment options suited to fit your organization’s means. Check out the host’s responsibilities in further detail on the website.

Hosting this show is a gift to the community: it is educational, providing encouragement and inspiration, and it supports the discernment work of the faith community. It works quite well to follow the show with some refreshments and group conversation. As a further resource, the Faith, Economy, Ecology Working Group (a coalition of advocacy offices in DC) has provided a reflection process, to support a dialogue among community members who would like to deepen in their understanding of these related issues.

Consider giving your community the chance to be energized by this imaginative and timely production. Visit http://www.affordinghopeproject.org to learn more and contact booking@affordinghopeproject.org with any questions you may have.

In Hope and Spirit,
Tevyn East
artistic director of The Affording Hope Project

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