Teaching and Workshops

  • Watershed Discipleship

    What happens when Christians build their bioregional literacy while re-approaching scripture with an ecological lens? Watershed Discipleship is a movement that ties spiritual renewal and psychological recovery to deep solidarity work with the threatened land, water, food systems… Read More

  • Embodied Liturgy

    We look at the core elements of Christian Liturgy so as to loosen the shackles of conventional worship and re-approach liturgy in ways that are embodied, poetic, and participatory. This workshop is heavy on discussion, so that we… Read More

  • Bravo leading a circle group by a garden

    This Body, this Earth: Creativity and Awareness in the Natural World

    Journeying through natural landscapes, with our bodies as our guides, we build receptivity to the wisdom of creation. Sometimes playful, sometimes meditative, through individual explorations and group practices, we learn to listen and connect with both the joy… Read More

  • Tevyn dancing in a window.

    Movement as Spiritual Practice and Experiential Prayer

    Spiritual practices are most potent when they are grounded in the body! Tevyn will share a number of simple practices that awaken a sense of curiosity, explore movement qualities, and build awareness through the breath. Without pressure to… Read More

  • Tevyn East teaching a dance class

    Dance Classes

    Tevyn has a collection of dance practices to share with dancing communities. Her teaching background includes Contemporary Movement for intermediate/ advanced dancers that draws heavily on release technique; Imaginative Moving: Dreaming and Playing for the very young; Contact… Read More

  • Traditional West African Drumming

    Enter into the intense and exciting polyrhythmic drum music from West Africa. Participants will learn the history, technique and tradition of West African percussion instruments such as the djembe, sangban, kenkeni, dununba and shekere. Instruments provided for up… Read More