Worship offerings

Focusing on ecological justice and radical solidarity with historically oppressed and marginalized communities, Tevyn & Jay share earth focused chants, cross cultural music, poems and prayers, dance offerings and communal rituals. They have a wealth of materials on hand and, with enough notice, can create with your community or event in mind.

Jay and Tevyn’s combined experience as worship leaders creates for a rich experience for your community. Jay Beck’s musical giftings are rooted in the rhythm and spiritual traditions of the West African diaspora. With a focus on healing and reconciliation, he works to help the church honor and celebrate drumming cultures. He was a core member of Psalters, which shook and galvanized the radical christian underground for more than a decade. Many remember him from the nation-wide tour, “Jesus for President”, with Shane Claiborne, where he wove song throughout an evening length presentation on discipleship. More recently, he has recorded worship songs with Circle of Hope audio art.

Tevyn East is a double PK, who grew up steeped in the social gospel. Her first love is dance, which has gifted her with many tools for using symbols, telling stories, supporting healing or catharsis, and facilitating group processes. Her artistic life and faith journey founds its integratation when she produced Leaps & Bounds. Outside of performing this theatrical work, Tevyn has shared countless prayers and movement offerings at churches around the country. She is currently an Art Director at Circle of Hope, where she invites the community into creative actions that support the worship experience (from symbolically weaving fabric to building seed bombs). She loves worshiping with movement and is happy to present a solo dance or lead the congregation in simple embodied prayer practices.

If you are interested in booking Tevyn and/or Jay for a worship event, please contact info@carnivalderesistance.com

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